They were a pair made in heaven. The world knew they couldn’t be separated!

She laid in bed today and thought about all the times he had rushed to her side when she was sad.

One call and he’d be there!

As she lay in bed silently, the raindrops fell heavily on her window pane. The sky was a dull grey as if it displayed her emotions to the world. And then finally with a newfound dedication, she got up and walked over to where she had last thrown her phone in frustration.

She picked it up and miraculously, it didn’t have a single scratch on it even after the savage throw. She dialed his number and hoped that he would come to soothe her like always.

The ‘tring-tring’ dragged on and on as she tightened her crossed-fingers. There was no answer!

“I will always be there for you”, he had said. He had forgotten to add ‘Conditions Applied’.

She felt worse than she thought possible.

She called again. This time somebody answered but it wasn’t the voice she had hoped for. She spoke for a while and then threw her phone at the wall again in frustration.

He wouldn’t come. He couldn’t!

Apparently, pizzas couldn’t be delivered in the isolated cottage she was in!

Author: Zainab Haji

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