Afternoon had turned into dusk and yet their argument continued.

They called it a ‘healthy debate’.
But the world knew it was anything but that!

It was the night before their wedding reception and they sat in the bedroom bickering.

He – But you have to make compromises in a marriage.

She – I won’t compromise. I may willingly adapt to change if I want to!

He – So, you’re telling me you will not agree with what I’m saying? I’m going to be your husband tomorrow. You will be my wife. Wives are supposed to comply with what their husbands say!

She laughed so loudly, her voice echoed throughout the house.

She – It’s 2017 and you’re still living in the 80s. You really thought I’m the ‘complying’ kind of person? It’s hilarious.

He looked at her with an expression she couldn’t read but it was far from happy or amused.

He – So you will not compromise?

She – Never!

He – Are you sure? One day before the wedding, this wouldn’t be such a good idea.

She – I’m sure. I do not want olives on my pizza and I’m not going to compromise no matter how much you like them!

Author: Zainab Haji


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