The sound of breaking glass and furniture was heard from her room.

The destructive sounds were followed by loud shouting. Nothing unusual!

In her anger, she threw at him vessels, vases and anything she could lay her hands on. And he shouted at her in defense!

Finally, he walked out of her room in frustration and sat on the steps leading to the front door. He sat with his head in his hands and a silent tear rolled down his cheek.

Maybe living with her was a bad decision after all.

But what about the love? The world knew how dearly they loved each other!

He looked up at the sky. On any other night, he would’ve thought the starry sky was breathtaking. He would have probably sat in the garden with her and silently admired its beauty. But today, all he could see was the one star that shone brightest of all. He looked at it with eyes full of angry tears.

He – How easy it is for you to sit up there and watch! Maybe even amusing. I love her but it shouldn’t be this difficult. You can at least lead me to the right path…

And just as he broke off, he heard footsteps behind him. She came and sat a little away.

She – They don’t listen.

He looked at her questioningly.

She – The stars! They don’t care about what we do or don’t. They like to sit there and teasingly show us how small our problems are from their point of view.

And they looked up together. He broke the silence a while later.

He – We aren’t perfect.

She – But, together we’re complete!

And she slowly looked at him and smiled. Another tear rolled down his cheek as he hugged her.

She – You cry a lot, dad!

And just like that, the single father and the adopted daughter laughed and watched the breathtaking sky together.

Who knew that two broken pieces could fit together so beautifully!

Author: Zainab Haji


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