She finally knew this was the day. She loved him more than she ever thought possible.

She wore the prettiest dress in her wardrobe and the happiness reflected in her eyes. She looked beautiful!

She knocked on his door nervously. What would he say? The door was opened and he looked at her surprised.

He – What’s all this? Come in first.

She walked inside.

She – Do I not look fine?

He – You look beautiful.

She blushed.

He – But why are you so dressed up?

She went down on one knee and held out a gorgeous ring.

She – Marry me?

He laughed.

He – “’I’m complete. I don’t need a better half.’ That’s what you had said.

She got up and smiled, putting the ring back in its box.

She – But you see sometimes I’m just not enough.

He – The ring is beautiful, by the way.

She – Are you sure? You think he’ll like it? And should I propose the same way or should I improvise?

He – It’s all absolutely fine. He’s going to say yes!

She hugged him.

She – You’re my best friend ever, you know that right?

He smiled and simply nodded!



Author: Zainab Haji


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