He had knocked on her door hours ago.

And now, they sat in her living room with dirty tissues spread all around them. He had been crying for what felt like years and she had run out of consoling advices.

Physically, she was there but mentally she was at the ice cream parlor at the end of the street, with a waffle cone full of dark chocolate and brownie ice cream.

He had gone through all phases this evening. Crying, cursing, pretending to be happy and then crying again.

He – She…was (sobbing) t-th-the b..bes…best (indistinct dialogue)

She – It will heal with time. Have patience!

He grossly blew his nose, wiped his eyes and looked at her all offended.

He – You clearly have no idea. It’s not a chipped nail. It’s a heartbreak!

She stood up so suddenly even her cat ran into the bedroom.

She – At least my nail was once stable. I’ve had a longer relationship with it. Your relationship was a week old and you say you had found the love of your life? You didn’t even know her middle name. Now get that fat ass off my couch and let’s go get that ice cream I’ve been fantasizing about since the last hour.

He looked at her and smiled. They were best friends for a reason!


Author: Zainab Haji

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