It was another gloomy Sunday morning. He didn’t get out of bed today either.

He was wearing his sweatpants. This was the third day in a row! But he didn’t feel like freshening up. How could he? Everything reminded him of her. The lipstick mark on his bathroom-mirror, her playfully splashing water on him, everything!

He made a self-declaration that he would never date again and that he hated all girls. But that’s just something he said after every breakup. Nonetheless, he tried to think of her flaws to try and get over her.

He – “She laughed too much. Her hair would always get in my face when we slept but it smelled like coconuts and everything nice…”

And he would feel even worse!

Just while he was talking to himself, his stomach growled. He hadn’t eaten since yesterday’s lunch. He got up, went to kitchen and stood there with the door of the refrigerator wide open.

He pulled out a tub of ice cream, grabbed a spoon and took it with him to bed. He scooped out a big heap of ice cream, looked at it for a moment and then put it in his mouth. The coolness of the ice cream made him forget her for a second. Only a second and then it all came rushing back.

He – This is it. Nothing worse than this could ever happen!

But it was as if he could hear life talking –

Life – Okay! Challenge accepted.

And it was like the universe was mocking him. Just as he said it, the tub of ice cream fell off his hands and onto the bed, staining his clothes and the bed sheet. He screamed and fell back on the bed, finally giving up!




Author: Zainab Haji

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