She sat across the table from him, her eyes flashing with barely suppressed anger.

When she had first entered his life, he had thought of her as an angel sent down from the heavens but now, he was almost afraid of her. Her tantrums were legendary and he ended up on the receiving end of a severe tongue-lashing every time.

In spite of this, he was proud of his girl. She was opinionated and he was one of those men who considered loud women with louder opinions a wonderful thing.

Even so, he was dreading the argument that was about to break out. And it was going to break out without a doubt. She was gnashing her teeth and she was wearing that scowl that reminded him of another one from a long time ago.

She- You lied to me again? I am done with all this.

He- Wait, listen, I can explain.

She- While you explain, let me finish my pizza. Pizza is more reliable than you. It never disappoints me!

He was a patient man most of the times but he was about to lose his cool. He was good to her; he didn’t deserve to be spoken to like this. Definitely not from her. Not after everything he had done for her. But he couldn’t let her be angry at him either.

He- I didn’t lie to you! I was only waiting for the right time to tell you!

She- Then, you’ll be waiting forever! I think of you as my best friend too and you hid something this important from me! How do you think that makes me feel?

He- I wasn’t sure you would be okay with this…

She- Of course I am okay with this! You’re not too old to fall in love, Dad! I’m happy for you.

He- You sure?

She- Yes, you have my blessing to marry your girlfriend!

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