The window had fogged up and all that could be seen were two silhouettes, intertwined on the bed.

She sighed with contentment pouring out of her body. She was now tucked away in his arms. It had been a blissful few hours. She felt like she was living in a dream and she really didn’t want to wake up.

He pulled her body closer and kissed the nape of her neck. She turned her head to place a gentle kiss on his lips. It was so rare that the two lovers got to spend these moments together.

She- Hey you.

He- Hey yourself.

She- Tell me what’s going on in your mind.

He- You and coffee taste the same.

She- What?

He- Bittersweet!

She tried to glare him but a giggle managed to escape from her belly.

He- You know, this is actually true.

She- How so?

He- You keep me awake almost every night. On some nights, you keep me up by being the lover I can’t get enough of…

She- …and some nights, I make you stay up working on that project report! I’m your boss
after all!

Author: Maitreyee Mhatre


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