Her mother had died years ago. When she was only a little girl!

The pain of losing his beloved wife sent him in a dark phase in life. He gave up on work and faced a major loss.

He tried giving it a few years. He thought situations would get under control again. How wrong he was! His career only went downhill from there.

While growing up she never got the love she deserved. It’s not like she didn’t comfort herself with drawings of her mother and wild imaginations that told her she was right next to her. But she would’ve liked a little more attention.

Nevertheless, she grew up to become independent and self-sufficient. She had trained herself to become that way.

She funded her own self and paid her college fees by taking up part-time jobs at various places. She became a successful Chartered Accountant – something Ma had always dreamed of!

While she became more and more successful, her father got older and more frustrated at life. He would get annoyed at the littlest of things. But she loved him just as much and took care of him every single day.

This was one such day.

He – “I will not pay your bills anymore. Pay them yourself!”

She (calmly) – “I will pay yours too, Dad.

I’m leaving for work now. Take care.”

And this is how every morning went by.

She would give her all at work and try to do her best every single day.

If she did so well at something she didn’t really like, how well would she do at something she loved?

The paintings hidden away in her cupboards gave the answer!



Author: Zainab Haji


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