They had been working on this since a very long time. They thought at least tonight, the problem would get solved.

How wrong they were!

This night was just another one of those nights where they failed at the same task that they had been trying to get right since months.

She was tired. He couldn’t do it anymore. They had tried almost every way of doing it. How did it never work?

They were so close to giving up.

He – I don’t think we can do it. We’ve been trying almost every day but still can’t get it right.

She – But I really want it to work.

He – I’m sick of trying.

She – So you want to drop the idea? Or get someone else to do it?

He sighed and looked down. How does everyone else manage to do it so efficiently?

He – Sometimes it takes courage to let go.

She – Sometimes, the braver thing is to begin again.

He looked at her in awe. How did she manage to be so patient?

He (to himself) – How can I not get it right?

He smiled and with a look of newfound confidence, swore to get it right this time.

He – Let’s try again.

And so he picked up a fresh diaper, looked down at the smiling 2 month old and began again.


Author: Zainab Haji


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