She thought her looks were all that she would ever care about in life! But that was before she met him.

She loved him more than anyone. Even more than herself; which was very surprising after all the tags she had gotten in her youth. They had called her self-sufficient, spoiled, self-centered and what not!

She was too proud of her beauty. But not without reason! But when she met him, she finally understood the true meaning of beauty. She overlooked all his flaws and gave him as much love as she could.

Then on one of her usual visits to him, she mentioned something her friends had dared her to do.

She – They dared me to go bald!

He – But you have beautiful hair. Are you sure you want to chop them off?

She – They dared me to do something that scares me. So, this is it!

And two days later when she came to meet him, a beanie covered her head. She took it off with a wide smile to reveal a bald head.

She – See, they can’t call me a coward anymore.

And they laughed together!

She thought he believed her little lie. How wrong she was!

He knew how she had made up this little story to accompany him and his bald head. He had never hated his cancer this much before.



Author: Zainab Haji

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