She was the sole reason he lived. She was all he had!

They didn’t need anyone else. Why would they when they made each other so happy! They were ‘two bodies, one soul’ in the most clichéd way possible.

And so even when she was diagnosed with cancer, it was an illness both suffered. He would wince when she was injected. He would feel disgusted as she gulped down pathetic-tasting medicines.

After all her years of suffering, she had become weak and frail. She had lost her hair to chemotherapy and even though she would never accept it, she would silently shed a tear when he looked away.

Today was just another day. He came and started fussing over her blankets, pillows and medicines as usual. The only thing unusual about the day was the beanie over his head. She looked at it questioningly when he noticed.

He smiled and pulled it off to reveal a shiny, bald head. She was at a loss for words.

He – My hair bothered me. I got rid of them!

Unable to hide it, a tear rolled down her cheek as she spoke.

She – But why did you shave your head? It’s my cancer.

He smiled and lovingly patted her head.

He – We’re in this battle together whatever it takes.

She got up and hugged him tight. She tried to put in all her emotions into the hug and as if he understood, he held her tighter.

The 50 year old father didn’t need anyone except his 15 year old girl. They were enough for each other. They were truly a family!

Author: Zainab Haji


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