The room was empty except for the both of them. She looked at him with an expression he had not seen before.

Slowly, she walked over to where he sat and carefully placed a chocolate bar on his desk.

He looked at her with a confused expression.

She – It’s my birthday.

She spoke in a tone far from happy.

Surprised by her coldness, he smiled a loving smile and extended a hand to congratulate her.

But far from shaking his hand, she hardly even noticed it there.

A little embarrassed now, he slowly put his hand back on his desk. But he was still keen on talking to her.

He – So, what would you like for your birthday?

She spoke in an instance.

She – Your attention!

An answer he had not expected. He was left dumbfounded.

And just as coldly, she walked out of the classroom leaving him confused as ever!

The teacher’s attention was all the dyslexic student wanted for her birthday!

Author: Zainab Haji

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