He was to pick her up at 9 pm sharp for their date.

Her nervousness had slowly disappeared as she started getting ready.

How long it had been since she had gone for a date. How long it had been since she had taken the time to dress up. How long it had been since had looked into the mirror and smiled!

The bell rang at 9 pm sharp. He was surprisingly punctual today!

She put on her heels and walked to answer the door only with a little difficulty.

Her smile widened further as she opened the door. He looked dashing in a neat tux.

Her reflection was almost mirrored on his face. He looked at her from head to toe and then back in awe.

Her cheeks turned a bright red.

He – Finally, you have moved on!

She – How do you know?

He – You put on your favourite ‘kajal’ today!

At a loss for words, she merely smiled and tried to hide the tear that sneakily rolled down her cheek by adjusting her hair that was let loose today!

He – Marital rape isn’t something to be feared. It’s something to be fought. And how well you’ve fought!

She opened and closed her mouth several times to say something but finally thought otherwise and looked at the floor instead. She had missed a spot while cleaning!

He – Shall we go then? We’re getting late for our date, Ma!

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