She waited for him for a long time but he never came.

She had done her all to make this work. So then what went wrong? Maybe some things are just not meant to happen.

She was walking home without a trace of happiness on her face. Her feet dragged her unknowingly. As she walked looking at the ground, someone bumped into her. She almost fell but the person caught her. She angrily looked at who it was. It was him!

Their eyes met and she longed to say something. But what?

They just stood there, awkwardly looking at each other. And then he finally spoke.

He – I’m sorry.

She – It’s too late for an apology.

He – I know but I just couldn’t make it through.

She – This is your favorite excuse, isn’t it?

He didn’t have an answer. He just stood there, looking at the ground. He realized his mistake but it was too late now.

She started to walk away. He couldn’t watch her go like this and so he held her hand.

She – Let me go.

He – I wish…I…

He was at a loss for words.

She – Could’ve, should’ve, would’ve but you didn’t!

He – I’m really sorry.

She – This is the third time we’ve missed a movie because of you. You’re always late!

And she walked away.

Author: Zainab Haji

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