The clock hung on the wall showed the time – 2 am. He was sleeplessly walking around his house.

And then he suddenly knew what would soothe his mind. The one thing that always did!

He – “You are the only one I’ve loved my entire life and you know it. I loved you even when I was just a boy, in high school. I loved you when I was in college. Do you remember how I would secretly sneak you into my dorm-room so that none of my friends would see you? Those days! It’s not like the world loved seeing us together. My mom had given me enough warnings to stay away from you. She always said you wouldn’t do well to me but I knew better. I never gave up on you! And here I am a successful businessman. They say I can I have anyone but my heart lies with you like it always has. You are the only one I miss at 2 in the morning when I’m alone and at 2 in the afternoon when I’m busy with work. And so today, at this moment, I declare my love for you.”

And so, he animatedly danced around his kitchen with the love of his life – the packet of Maggi.



Author: Zainab Haji

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