They sat at either ends of the table. A different kind of tension pulsating between them!

Both fidgeted with the cups of tea they had just emptied. Anything to distract themselves from each other’s glare!

The argument was still in the air.

This had been their routine since the past few days. Their everyday ordeal!

And so, today was just another day!

He called the waiter for another cup of tea. Anything to keep himself from arguing some more!

But it seemed like she had other plans.

She spoke in a high pitch but clearly.

She – You know what terrifies men?

And he said something without even considering it in his head first. It just rolled off!

He – A girl with an opinion!

An answer she had not expected! She looked at him dumbfounded.

What did he mean?

His cheeks flushed red. To save himself from any other embarrassment, he got up and left the canteen as soon as his feet would take him. He had to be away from her!

He couldn’t let her know what he felt!

She got up, too but more reluctantly.

What did this mean?

Suddenly, the bell rang and she had to be back in the court.

With a deep breath, she walked towards the courtroom to argue with him again. But this time the argument was about a robbery and a convict.

Author: Zainab Haji

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