They sat at the table in the corner of their favorite restaurant.

Both had the menu cards in their hands and their faces deep into them!

What to order this time? Their usual fight!

She – What will you have?

He – Umm…I don’t know. I trust your decision.

She looked at him with narrowed eyes. Why did he do this always?

And yet, she placed the order for her usual favorites.

Moments passed as they sat waiting for their dishes. Waiters went in and out of the kitchen and yet none came out with their order.

Way too many frustrating minutes later, the waiter came over with her favorites in hand. Placing it on their table, he hurried off!

She – So, did you like it?

He nodded vigorously as he took quick bites and swift gulps.

She – You know, there’s something that I’ve been thinking about since quite some time now.

He – Hmm?

She – Unlike many, I don’t want the perfect love.

He laid down his spoon and fork and gave her his full attention.

He – Then?

She – I want an honest love!

And he looked at her with an expression hard to read.

He – What do you mean?

She – Instead of being the perfect boyfriend and agreeing with me all the time, you can say that you don’t like this restaurant and we’ll go somewhere else.

An innocent, yet guilty smile spread on his face.

Author: Zainab Haji

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