After years of making excuses of living away and getting out of meeting him, she finally had to accept.

After all, he had come to especially meet her.

It’s not like she hated him. They had been best friends in high school. But a lot had changed since then!

So there they were, in her favourite café with a black coffee in her hand and a latte in his.

Not for a second had they remained silent. There was a lot to catch up on and somehow time seemed to be rushing in a surprising hurry today.

They spoke about everything – the nose job gone wrong of the famed ‘queen bee’ of their class, the bankruptcy of another classmate and the marriage of the two classmates who had forever been in a relationship. Everything but the one topic he dreaded to touch.

But they both knew he had to!

He (sighing) – So, how have you been?

She – I’ve moved on!

The surprise on his face gave away that this had not been the reaction he had expected.

He – When did you know you’ve moved on?

She (smiling) – When the pain started amusing me!

Sure, it had not been easy in the last few years but what options did she have?

Between, the physical pain of being abused by an alcoholic father and the mental pain of running away from him and settling in an entirely new setting, she had gladly chosen the latter!

Author: Zainab Haji

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