She had been waiting for this day since forever!

After months of convincing he had finally decided to meet with her. She was so excited she had barely slept. She had spent the entire night going over what she would say to him.

She had chosen her outfit a week ago. But as the day arrived, she changed outfits about a hundred times.

She – “This t-shirt with those pants and these shoes…no no that shirt, this skirt and these heels.”

This went on for quite some time. And she finally wore the outfit she had initially picked.

She was ready and an hour later, she reached the place they were supposed to meet.

She waited for him to come. Excitement slowly turned into nervousness. She fidgeted with her bag, her skirt, her hair! She suddenly feared her outfit wasn’t appropriate. She was too nervous to think clearly.

He finally came and sat opposite to her. He looked at her and smiled a warm smile.

They started talking and how an hour passed by, she didn’t realize.

He – I would like to ask you one final thing. When have you felt your biggest adrenaline rush?

She – Uhhh…never!

And her heart knew how she was lying. If this moment wasn’t her biggest adrenaline rush, what was?

Then as she got up to leave, he stood up.

He – Normally, I’d ask you to wait for our call but I think it’s safe to tell you already – you’re hired! Congratulations.


Author: Zainab Haji



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