They had met after a long time but it wasn’t evident!

That’s just how best friends work. Time stands still for them!

And so, they sat at their favourite tea stall and talked for what seemed like hours. The topics for conversations didn’t seem to end.

She brought them their 7th cup of tea and sat down on the bench again. Their talk began afresh!

He – What would be your weapon if you had to kill someone?

She looked at the starry sky and thought about it for a moment. A rare smile spread across her face. It wasn’t a very kind one!

She – A pen!

And he looked at her for a second.

She – Yours?

He answered immediately. As if he had thought this over quite a few times.

He – Silence!

And they both sat staring at the empty cups of tea. Each thinking about what they had said!

When suddenly, she laughed.

He – What’s so funny?

She (still laughing) – Our thought process. How it’s so different and yet so alike!

He – What do you mean?

She could barely control her laughter now.

She – It’s funny how I’m an illiterate and you’re a writer!

Author: Zainab Haji



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