It had been a week since their marriage and she was happy!

So were his parents. After all, she had willingly cooked finger-licking food everyday for the entire week.

This day was the day after the magical week. It was a Monday!

The entire family except the newlywed bride was at the dining table, having breakfast and chatting away. Just then, she walked into the living room, dressed in formals and her laptop tucked under her arm.

They looked at her with surprised expressions. Her father-in-law looked angrily at his son.

The newlywed groom stood up and walked to her.

He – Where do you think you’re going?

She – To work, of course! Why do you guys look so shocked?

He – Umm…because women in our family don’t go out to work!

She laughed sarcastically.

She – Apparently, ambitious women are a threat to the male ego, aren’t they?

Just as she said this, her mother-in-law stood up angrily and walked out of the living room.

He – Why do you need to work?

She – I don’t ‘need’ to work. I’m working because I ‘want’ to.

He – No, you’re not going to work.

And just then her mother-in-law walked back into the room.

She (mother-in-law) (angrily) – Exactly, you’re not going to work. Not without a little curd and sugar for good luck. After all it’s your first day after such a long time.

She smiled and gave her a spoonful.

Author: Zainab Haji

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