If there had been some kind of destruction or commotion in class, these two would be the reason for it.

Some of the teachers signed resignations because of the two but most popped headache pills right before and after their lecture!

The two had been both naughty and inseparable ever since!

And today, years later, they sat reminiscing childhood memories.

She had gone on and on for almost an hour about how they had been the coolest best friends in the class and how absolutely fun their group of two was!

Abruptly, he interrupted.

He – What’s your idea of a soulmate?

Although a little blindsided, she answered in her usual chirpy tone.

She – Someone I can talk to for hours and be silent with! You?

He had a different kind of sparkle in his eyes as he answered dreamily.

He – Someone I can listen to for hours and be silent with!

She looked at him first with a look of confusion and then smiled wide.

How beautifully over the years, friendship grows into love!

Author: Zainab Haji


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