He had been away from her for years because of work.

And he hadn’t really missed her except for certain nights but today was different. Social media made him realize how much her presence mattered.

With a strong determination, he booked his tickets and flew down to her. After all these years, this was the least he could have done.

Hours later, he knocked on her door and waited anxiously.

She opened it and smiled wider than she had all these years. Eyes filling up with tears, she hugged him and kissed his entire face.

They entered together and she immediately went to cook his favorite dishes. Like always!

But this time, he went in to help. So overwhelmed by his surprise, she accidentally cut her finger and pushed him away saying it was nothing.

He – You’re the strongest person I have known!

She – How?

He – You love big, love more without being calculative. You won’t care how much is coming back your way.

She looked at him and smiled. A few more tears stained her face.

He – Oh I almost forgot!

He went out and walked back in with a pretty bouquet.

She looked at him in awe, took hold of it and read the handwritten card.

‘Happy mother’s day, mumma’!

Author: Zainab Haji



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