Another workplace! Another rejected application!

She had lost count of the number of companies that had failed to even consider her application.

She sat at a nearby tea stall disappointedly. “What’s wrong in me? Am I not capable enough?” she thought.

But she already knew the answer to that! The certificates in her folder and the exceptional resume spoke for themselves. Then what was the problem?

She knew!

She went to the one person who understood her in times like these. Her best friend!

He was sitting contentedly in his armchair, a book in his hands. She walked into his room and sat across from him without saying a word. She noticed the book he was reading – ‘Gender Outlaw by Kate Bornstein’. She smiled! Her favourite book by her favourite author!

They sat in silence and even without him saying anything, she already felt comforted.

He spoke first.

He – What happened today?

She – You were right. We’re different!

He – Why do you say so?

She – You don’t remember; I can’t forget.

He looked at her with a sad smile on his face. He remembered!

She – You and I aren’t that different from each other. But we’re different from them. And they don’t like different. Just how they can’t accept a plus-size model, they can’t accept us.

He – They will change. We will bring the change.

She – They aren’t giving us an opportunity to do so! Even in their job applications, they have defined identities. Tick one – male or female. What if I don’t want to tick either? And then they say, transgenders are backward and aren’t fit to have an equal status in the society.



Author: Zainab Haji

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