They were inseparable. At least that’s what they thought!

They would almost always go hand in hand, unknowingly sometimes. Both absolutely loved each other but weren’t yet ready to accept it.

Except, who could ignore their chemistry? They blended so well together!

Although as it always happens, one of them realized how beautifully they complimented each other. She had to tell him. And so she did!

She – Listen…

He – Hmm?

She – No no. Forget it!

He – What’s wrong?

She looked at him a little shyly.

She – I think we are soul mates.

He (surprised) – How do you know that we are soul mates?

She – In everything I do, there’s a pinch of us.

He looked utterly confused and she explained further.

She – We blend together like we’re one and the result is heavenly.

And so, it clicked to him too. He had always loved her. They kissed and the result was the most delicious cup of coffee. Milk and coffee finally accepted their love for each other.

Just then the girl entered the kitchen and made herself a cup of black coffee. Only if she knew how she had just broken two hearts!

Author: Zainab Haji

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