They sat at the coffee shop, but silently.

To another observer, they must’ve looked like an average couple. Only, a couple who has recently fought!

But they knew better. They knew they weren’t a couple. They were best friends who were talking about the gravest issue in her life.

What to do and what not to do!

Several empty mugs littered their table. But mugs of coffee on his side and green tea on hers!

They spoke but in hushed voices. Their discussion seemed too important to be interrupted but the busy waitress didn’t seem to care.

Rudely, she walked up to the table and asked in loud voice.

She (waitress) – Anything else?

He looked at the waitress and then back at her, pleadingly.

She – Sometimes, the most courageous thing is to say no!

Even though it took her all of the courage she had, she denied the order he was about to place.

The dense, shiny cheesecake on display would have to wait for another day. Another day when she wouldn’t have to consume only boiled vegetables and exactly 400 calories!

Author: Zainab Haji

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