She sat on the table diagonally opposite to his and smiled.

He sat there at the café, quietly sipping on his usual black coffee that was sweetened with exactly one and a half teaspoon of sugar. The muffin his coffee regularly accompanied, sat there on the table untouched like always.

She wondered why he even bought it.

A moment later she smiled at his boyishly intriguing dimples and the way his eyes crinkled when he laughed. She could stare at him all day!

Suddenly, she remembered what her friend had said.

He – Love driven by lust is usually a mirage.

She scoffed at the memory and said to herself –

She – What does he know? True love is a see-through glass. And there isn’t anything I don’t know about him!

For her, this was true love.

And so her friend remained forgotten as she got lost once again in the way he ruffled his hair in nervousness. She stupidly grinned from behind the menu card.

If only he knew of her existence!

Author: Zainab Haji


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