This was just another one of her usual lectures. The bell rang and class was dismissed.

He – “I want you to stay back. I have to discuss your paper.”

She nervously stood there.

He – “You’re failing.”

And he walked towards her and grazed her arm.

She shifted uncomfortably.

She – “Sir, I will study better. Can I please leave?”

But he only held her arm tighter.

She – “Sir, please don’t do this again.”

But her voice was muffled due to his forceful grip.

An hour later she walked into her dorm room, ruffled hair, torn clothes and tears in her eyes. He saw her and ran to ask what happened.

She – “The professor…again…”

He gasped and she didn’t have to say any more.

He – “What are you going to do now?”

She – “I will fight this time.”

And so, she decided to meet with the principal. She wrote letters to the trustees and the board of directors. But the letters got lost in the mail. The principal was somehow always busy or out of town.

Word spread throughout the college and she got pitying looks as she walked the hallways. She couldn’t bear it anymore. She stopped attending classes and shut herself in her room.

The only person she spoke to was him. She found comfort in his presence.

She (blankly staring at the wall) – “I used to think I can change people around me. Then I realized people only change if they want to.”

She had lost the will to fight. He hated to see her this way. He hated how the professor was still living as usual and how her life was completely shattered.

The professor thought he had gotten away this time, too. He continued his usual classes.

But then one day, came two policemen.

He (policeman) – “You will have to come with us to the police-station. You’ve been accused of rape and molestation.”

He fought her battle for her. And just like that she won. The day the professor’s termination was official, he ran to her room to tell her.

The door was ajar.

There she was, sleeping contently in the chair with an arm stretched out and a pool of blood around her.

Author: Zainab Haji

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