Another frustrating day at work! She entered home thinking he would lift her spirits but she couldn’t be more wrong.

He came into the living room with a huge smile, held her hand and took her to the dining table.

Annoyed, she jerked her hand away from him. The table was laden with various plates and varieties of food. She looked at him and his face was lit up with barely controlled glee. Just like a child with a lollipop in hand.

He – I thought you would be tired from working overtime. So I thought to help you out!

He waited for her to say something but she merely looked at him. He spoke a moment later.

He – I love you!

She – I know but your actions tell me a different story.

He looked at her, confused. She caught his hand and walked with him into the kitchen. He realized what she meant!

It was in a state. A real nightmare. Vessels were strewn around, food was spilled and the sink was full!

And so, the plates of hot food stay forgotten and the warm gesture of love was replaced by shame and guilt.

She slept at almost daybreak after cleaning and wiping and washing!

Years passed, times changed and so did she!

20 years had gone by and today she lay in bed realizing how wrong she had been! As she lay there, old, frail and alone, she wished she would’ve hugged him when she had the chance.

And so she hugged his framed picture and dozed off into a deep sleep!

Author: Zainab Haji

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