Another night spent alone. Another night spent waiting for him. This was the third night in a row that he hadn’t come back home.

“Is this what all marriages are like?” she wondered. But she knew the answer.

And just then she heard the sound of the door closing. He was home.

She walked up to him.

She – Three days! You came back home after three days. What’s your excuse this time?

He – I had to submit a presentation and so I stayed back at office.

She – It’s like the kids don’t even see you anymore. I’m tired of this. You know I can fight the world to be with you but I don’t like to fight with you to be with you.

And she walked into the bedroom, loudly slamming the door behind her.

It had been a few minutes when she saw an envelope come from under the door. She picked it up. The envelope said ‘Open when angry’ on the front.

She opened it. Inside was a letter that described every little thing he loved about her, her smile, her hair, everything! She smiled as she read it.

There was something else in the envelope too. A little coupon with little uneven hearts drawn randomly! The coupon said ‘A coupon for a date to your favourite restaurant. Good for one use’ and she started laughing.

It was exactly like the coupon he had made when he had asked her out in college!



Author: Zainab Haji


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