She knocked on his door, depressed!

He opened the door to see her on the verge of crying.

She was led into the house and given a bowl full of her favourite ice cream.

She smiled through her tears and looked at her best friend in awe. She loved him for knowing exactly what soothed her.

He sat next to her and smiled. Seconds, minutes and then hours went by and neither spoke. She went on relishing the ice cream and he relished the look on her face after every spoonful.

He – So what happened?

She took a deep breath and looked up.

She – We talked and he finally ended things.

He – And…?

She – And I think I’m already over it because of this delicious ice cream.

They laughed together as if they had no care in the world and their lives were relaxed just like in college.

He – So, what’s your takeaway from this break up?

She spoke as she licked the bowl clean.

She – Life goes on!

He – Exactly! There are so many fish in the sea. You can get a better one.

She smiled at him.

There were other firms in the country. Actually, in the world. Or she could even have a new startup. So what if one firm kicked her out?

The possibilities were endless!

Author: Zainab Haji

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