She had her mother’s eyes. At least that’s what everyone told her.

She was tired of hearing it. She wanted to be like dad; strong and hard-headed. He was both, her mom and her dad. She hardly ever missed Ma .

She found both, a mom and a dad in him.

But the story was a little different on his side. Work was all he cared about.

She, a 9 year old – (In his coat that dropped off of her shoulders and dragged on the floor as she walked) Look papa, I look exactly like you.

He – (without looking up from his work desk) Uh huh! Go to your room and finish your homework.

Years passed like this.

She grew up and became a successful businesswoman and a better home-maker.

On a visit to her house one day, he noticed something that he hadn’t all these years. In her want to become a carbon-copy of him, she grew up to be exactly like her mother – patient, loving and so full of life.

He – You know why you have a better marriage than me?

She – Hmm?

He – (with tears in his eyes ) because you have more patience!

I’m proud that you’re not like me.

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