He knocked so hard on the door her neighbors would’ve thought someone is breaking it down!

She ran to open it, ready to scream at whoever was knocking that bad but the moment she saw him, anger was replaced by a kind of sympathy.

He was called inside, a bowl full of maggi was made and the bean bags were sat upon! Just like old times.

He (angrily) – I will never forgive you!

She smiled at him.

She – What have I done?

He – I still remember you saying, “Over the years, I realized things will not get easy but certainly better with time”.

She – I vaguely remember. What about it?

He – Nothing got better and you gave me false hopes.

She – Will you tell me what happened or are you just going to sulk and shout?

He – You had told me that lie in college when we were studying for our most difficult subject, remember?

She – Go on…

He – You had said life after college will be a cake walk.

She – And…?

He – And nothing. It’s not! My boss just fired me.

She looked worried now!

She – What? Why?

He – Because I wore sweatpants to office today. You know they should change their tagline then. Bullshit, ‘comfort is our motto’.

She laughed exactly like she had when years ago, he was kicked out of the lecture for wearing shorts.

Author: Zainab Haji

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