She was called home for the holidays and after much pleading and begging, she finally decided to go!

She packed her smallest suitcase.

“This way he will know that I cannot stay for very long” she told herself.

The next day, bags in hand, she stepped into her hometown. It smelled the same as it did when she had first left for the city.  The people around her seemed the same and yet, she felt different. She had grown up!

She reached the house she had dearly called home for so long. The backyard didn’t feel different. The neighbors still had the wide, friendly smiles on their faces.  The door was so familiar. She knocked and was surprised at how quickly it was opened.

She was taken into one big hug. The same arms she had longed for on lonely nights in her apartment. She was finally home.

The two stood there, locked in a hug with smiles on their faces and tears in their eyes.

Bags were taken in, clothes were changed and dinner was laid on the table. And so the real talk began!

He – How is life in the city?

She – It’s good. It’s all so fast and forward.

He – Do you like it there?

She – It’s a nice place to live…

He – You still haven’t answered my question.

She (looking down) – You’re not there. How will I like it?

And some more tears were shed and promises to visit more often were made.

He – So, 30 and single? Is that what you plan to do?

She – 30 and successful. That’s the plan!

He – You know, even I had so much in mind. I chased success for so long. Then I met your Ma . We had you. The fire of success still roared inside me. No doubt, your mother and my relationship went down in flames because of it. But now that I see you, all grown up and happy, I realize the real meaning of success.

Success isn’t about the wealth or the prosperity. Success is the satisfaction you feel after you think you’ve achieved everything. And darling, because of you, I finally achieved my success.

Author: Zainab Haji