It had been years since the incident and yet she couldn’t forget.

He had broken her in such a way that she couldn’t be fixed. She was destroyed.

Even her husband’s tries were fruitless. He had taken her to the most exotic cities and places that she had wanted to visit. All in vain!

She still couldn’t get him out of her mind.

It had all been the same since the incident. Her husband neither raised a finger nor complained.

But this day was different. Today, he snapped!

He had made her breakfast in bed but when he entered the room 2 hours later, the plate remained untouched!

He (loudly) – This has got to stop. I’ve had enough.

She simply looked at him, expressionlessly!

He – It’s been 3 years.

She spoke but her voice was hardly audible.

She – It’s been 3 years, 2 months, 10 days!

And she looked away!


She was supposed to meet him today. She got dressed and left from home.

Nervous and fidgety, she waited for him when finally his assistant called her name.

She knocked and entered with a smile.

He (smiling) – Long time no see?

And they started talking about what was wrong. She explained and it was all going as usual.

Everything was fine until he held her shoulder while talking. She shifted uncomfortably but didn’t say anything. His hand slowly grazed her arm and rested on her thigh.

An hour later, she sat there with tears in her eyes and a torn dupatta.

People usually called them a form of God for they restored lives. Then how could this doctor destroy hers?

Author: Zainab Haji

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