Their arguments could be heard loud and clear for over three blocks away. It was an everyday affair!

This day was no different. ‘The noisy couple’, as they were known in the neighbourhood, began their everyday spat…

She – “Why do we go over this again and again every day? I said no and my answer will not change.”

He – “But how can you dispose off the idea without even considering it?”

She – “My answer still remains the same. You should drop the idea now.”

He – “But –

She – “It won’t work out! I know it. The differences in our opinions and choices will only make this relationship fall apart.”

And this went on.

She didn’t want ‘more’. She feared it wouldn’t work. While he insisted they could give it a try. All it would take was commitment.

It seemed like this would never end. At certain times he would think to himself, “What if she never wants what I want? I won’t give up this easily.” And at other times he would almost give-in.

But something happened the next time they argued. It was like a tiny ray of sunshine entering a dark cellar. Something that made her see what could be if she agreed. Something that would change their lives forever. But for good or…?

She – (a little skeptically) “This won’t work out.”

He – “But what if it does? Imagine the day we grow old with grey hair, eyes full of light and life, we shall laugh at our fears.”

She – “Fine, then. Let’s do this. Let’s get committed. I’ll face my fear.”

Tears of happiness rolled down his cheeks. He, overcome with love, hugged her tight and laughed.

He – “I love you for finally agreeing. So, which breed will it be, Labrador or Husky?”

Author: Zainab Haji

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