Another breakup! Heartbroken, he went to the one person who always had his back.

She – But I thought you were serious about her.

He – She didn’t get me.

She – Well, she would if you would stop being so pretentious around girls.

He – Oh! You’re talking? (In a squeaky voice) ‘I’m waiting for the perfect guy who sweeps me off my feet’.

She hit him on the head with the book she was reading earlier and both started laughing. And just like that, he forgot his initial problem.

She – You know I will find him someday.

He – Oh, we’ll see!

The two understood each other like no one else and knew they had nothing to hide from the other.

Time and distance didn’t keep them apart. One phone call would pull them back together like they were still freshmen in college who sat on the last bench and laughed at silly jokes. Years went by and their friendship only got stronger.

She – Remember the first time we had met?

He – Of course! We were both late for our first lecture in college and were both not allowed in.

She (giggling) – You had me at hello!

He – You had me at every pep talk of yours!

She – My pep talks got you here today.

Photographer (interrupting) – Bride and groom look here and smile please.

He (smiling) – Not one good picture since junior year in college. How will you get out of taking this picture, ‘bride’?


Author: Zainab Haji

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