“Conversations turned into short stories with pleasantly surprising plot twists that’ll have you hooked”

What are Narrations?
The concept of simple and concise conversations is what Paperless Postcards had started out with and it was loved by the mass audience. So why not take it up a notch? The writers at Paperless Postcards brainstormed of ideas and ways to build up on the much loved narrations and then came up with the idea of Narrations. These Narrations are nothing but simple yet powerful short stories. But these are not just any other short stories one would find in abundance on the internet. The writers at Paperless Postcards took every element of a usual short story and added them to our Narrations. The narrations are simple, concise and to the point. After all, short stories are a brilliant concept and stretch storytelling to its absolute limit and make the reader’s mind and imagination run wild without losing their interest. These qualities make a good short story but Paperless Postcards is far from ordinary. Along with all the elements of a usual short story, Paperless Postcards’ writers pick one of the audience’s most loved conversations, extend it into a beautifully written story with handpicked character details and other points and then finally comes the cherry on top of the brilliantly written cake – the plot twist. These plot twists are surprising yet thrilling. They catch the reader off guard and imbibe in them a want for more! That is what keeps our readers hooked and makes these Narrations our ultimate selling point.
Paperless Postcards has achieved great heights already and its narrations leave a lasting impact on the readers. If Paperless Postcards is successful in changing the life or perspective of even one reader, it has proved its worth.
About Paperless Postcards
Paperless Postcards is a platform for simple, powerful yet thought-provoking non-fiction conversations. These conversations are simple, concise and hit the reader in the heart. The conversations are based on real life day-to-day talk and are therefore extremely relatable. Not only are the conversations well-written but the design work is also particularly unique. All of these aspects make Paperless Postcards stand out from the crowd and cut through the clutter.
Paperless Postcards is the country’s first platform for such conversations and has taken the internet by storm. With a reach of over 2 million, Paperless Postcards aspires to make a mark on the lives of those who seek to change their perspective.
With this aspiration in mind, Paperless Postcards – The Website has come up with various verticals that target different emotions and varied genres. One such vertical is the column Narrations.