• I love your posts so much! These things are what I'm going through in my life too. Thank you for being there always. Stay blessed and keep it up.
    Divya Vishwakarma
  • Paperless Postcards I'm thankful to you because it gives me a hope that there is a world of aesthete where someone, somewhere is alike you, likes your words when you unveil your unspoken feelings and thoughts. It proves the power of words that can bring out the quality of empathy in every single soul who reads.

  • Words. Thoughts. Love. Life. Truth. Soul. Scattered yet so beautifully blended. You're my box of glory on a doomsday.

    Trishita Ghosh
  • I would like to say, this page is really awesome
    Arani Chanda
  • Micro tales, just 10-20 words, a story for every situation. I could relate to few of them and some inspire me. I love writing so paperless postcards is a true inspiration for me. It made me feel happy, sad, nostalgic, motivated and much more. Keep spreading the love. Love and peace!! 

    Lalitha Chandrasekar