• Dear Paperless Postcards,

    In a technology driven world where people hardly communicate with each other, thank you for promoting the concept of conversational tales that too in the form of the postcards which are forgotten now.

    Love, From an old school girl

    Priyanka Barik
  • Great posts! I have no words. Really awesome! I'm touched.
    Harsha Hanamshet
  • The storm of emotions running inside the captive body bound to behave rationally in every situation is perfectly expressed by you guys! Moreover the life lessons with just few words is phenomenal in its own sense 😇🤗 All the best for your website; and keep inspiring us

    Megha Saraswat
  • You gave us display pics which we couldn't express through words in status.

    Malvi Agrawal
  • Hey!! I like your postcards. Whenever I scroll through Facebook, I read your postcards. A few of them really touch my heart. I got so inspired that even I started writing.
    Sushmita Tripathi