• Paperless Postcards I'm thankful to you because it gives me a hope that there is a world of aesthete where someone, somewhere is alike you, likes your words when you unveil your unspoken feelings and thoughts. It proves the power of words that can bring out the quality of empathy in every single soul who reads.

  • The conversations you shared made me realise that I am not alone in the struggles and there are others experiencing exactly the same thing and much more!

    Aishwarya Krishnan
  • The conversations are simple…with a lot of depth

    Shivam Thakur
  • Just love you guys.. I can't describe all what I feel just through words.. You guys are totally awesome!.. I can relate to almost all the things you post.. I have a collection of almost all the posts, saved in my gallery These are simply the truth..Not just smoke and mirrors.. Truths that are raw, yet delicious.. And you inspire me to write.. Thanx a ton!  

    And "Paperless Postcards" inspiring people, In a world where postcards don't even exist is simply mind blowing..!

    Fathima Shanavaz
  •  It made me realize how easily so much can be said in so few words. Love life and works at their best. Love you guys!

    Kadambari Singh