• Great postcards. It's so relevant to what we experience in our life. A big thank you to your whole team. It genuinely brings a smile after a hard day!
    Swati G
  • I am big fan of your group and read your posts daily. They make me feel connected to several unsaid feelings within a person, within me.

    Neelam Kasturi
  • The best thing about you Paperless Postcards is that it’s a source for people to express. Everyone can comment upon your posts or use your post cards to express themselves whenever or wherever they want to. This is the best one can do for others. Keep the good work going Paperless Postcards!

    Aman Sharma
  • Paperless postcards  A perfect blend of thoughts and emotions ! The tears that don't fall, the laughs that are fake, the heart that craves, the soul that wants to be understood.... "Paperless Postcards" takes care of all this beautifully ! *Much Love*

    Dimple Garg
  • I am a huge fan of your page. You write so beautifully. It’s awesome!
    Priyanka Sinha