• I absolutely love this page. They say a lot in such less words. It's not just a page it's much more. And when you win they encourage you by sending such beautiful merchandise. Packet of candies on a sad day.! 💓 Much love to you.! Keep the inspiration coming. 😊

    Himanshi Karira
  • The stories on postcards are short, crisp but with a deep impact. The brevity of content justifies the background of postcards. The shorter the better, love reading them

    Anmol Nayyar
  • Words. Thoughts. Love. Life. Truth. Soul. Scattered yet so beautifully blended. You're my box of glory on a doomsday.

    Trishita Ghosh
  • There was this post card about describing how strong she was walking through a tunnel where there is no end without losing hope. That literally inspired me. I'm struggling with medical for my job still I don't know whether it will end or not but still taking one step at a time in a tunnel of no lights. 😊💓

    Krutika Manjrekar
  • It perfectly sums what I sometimes fail to express . I find myself forwarding the postcards saying this is what I was trying to tell you !!! This postcard catches it in a few sentences

    Anna Seb